Becoming a Strong and Confident Woman

by Journals to Freedom October 07, 2020 3 min read

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Do you feel like women are groomed to think they have to be quiet, proper and told not to rock the boat? I can recall from a young age being told not to cry, ask questions, or good girls don’t say that.

As women, we are often groomed to think we have to be perfect and careful. Boys on the other hand are groomed to be adventurous and brave. Well, sister, I’m here to tell you otherwise! 

Empowering women is something I am extremely passionate about. Even more so now that I have a little woman of my own that I am raising, and especially after I’ve caught myself repeating the things I once heard as a little girl to her… #breakthecycle

I wanted to make a change and allow her to grow up knowing that she was powerful as the strong female she is, and not have to learn it later on in life. I want all women to know that we are in control of our lives, our bodies, and our happiness. And we can do great things!

But how do we redirect our mindset? How do we practice being braver, more adventurous, and not so perfect and careful? 

Invest in learning from empowering women

Go to a women’s conference, take a leadership class, read empowering books. Have you heard the saying, "readers are leaders"? Read books written by strong women.

Some awesome books I recommend are:

Investing in yourself will help give you the ammo to conquer the world!

Fake it till you make it

I love this! If you want to feel empowered this is one way to start. When you feel confident and like you’ve got it all together, you can take action and face the world. Start with speaking positive affirmations. I love starting my day with something positive, so it’s one of the first things I do in the morning before starting my day. What you think about you bring about, so when you continue to think positive, you’ll eventually believe it, and then you’ll be ready for anything!

Don’t apologize

Brave women do not apologize. You can like what you like, act how you act, and do what you do without feeling guilty or worrying about what others think. When you say no, when you have a difference in opinion, and when you want to do whatever you want to do… Do. Not. Apologize. 

Be yourself 

This goes right alongside not apologizing for who you are. Think about what you like or what you want to do, and don’t care about anything but that. One of my favorite Rachel Hollis quotes is that other people’s opinions are none of your business. To me, that statement is powerful. Don’t worry about what others think of you. You do you, sister! And do it unapologetically. 

Make your space inspiring

You can’t feel empowered if your surroundings aren’t doing it for you. Your environment should support you and not bring you down. Brighten up your space with colors that pop, make a statement with bold colors, or get motivated with uplifting quotes. These Strong Woman Wall Art printables are the perfect thing for that! Use them in a frame for your room or office for a motivational environment, add them to binders or use as divider covers, print on smaller card stock to create cards or postcards, or pin to an announcement board for extra reminders.

behind every successful woman is herself printable wall art

Take action

This is the true test of bravery. You’re learning a lot, you’re speaking positive affirmations, you’re being yourself without any apology… Now you’re ready to take action! You’ve got this! 

You are powerful. You are brave. You are enough! 

Journals to Freedom
Journals to Freedom

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