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20 of the Best Free Valentine's Day Printables

by Journals to Freedom February 10, 2020 3 min read

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Looking for free ways to help celebrate Valentine's Day this year? Check out this collection of the best free Valentine's Day Printables! From activity binders, dates ideas, gift tags, cards, and more, this list has it all! The entire family will feel the love with these activities! 

1) Valentine's Day Binder | Journals to Freedom Printables

This year, give the gift of precious time spent together! You don't have to blow the budget to show your Valentine how much you love them! This gorgeous and fun Valentine's Day Binder is filled with free activities and budget-friendly ideas that will make both you and your honey feel special. 

Printable Valentine's Day Binder

2) Donut Valentine’s Day Cards | My Home Based Life

Everyone loves donuts! These free printable donut Valentine cards are the sweetest.

Donut Valentine’s Day Cards

3) Dinosaur Valentine Cards | Sugar & Soul

Make Valentine’s Day a breeze with these Printable Dinosaur Valentine Cards with cute sayings your kids will love giving.

Dinosaur Valentine Cards

4) Printable Valentine's Day Gift Tags | Sarah Titus

You'll love these free printable Valentine gift tags! Not only will they save you money, but they will make your gift receiver feel special too!



The Reasons Why I Love You -Jar is a fun extra gift you can give to your loved one. It’s a jar that you fill with love notes – the “reasons” why you love your special someone.

Reasons Why I Love You Jar

6) VALENTINE’S DAY BINGO | Crayons and Cravings

Valentine Bingo is a fun Valentine’s Day game for kids to enjoy at home, in the classroom, or at a Valentine’s Day party.

Printable Valentine's Bingo

7) How To Teach Kids About Love | Hess Un-Academy

Help your kids show love to those they care about in their own specific love language! These love language inspired printable love coupons make it easy to show love in ways that are best understood.

How to Teach Kids About Love


Have a llama lover in your life? They’ll love these adorable free printable Llama Valentine’s Day cards you can print at home!


9) Stud Muffins Recipe & Printables | Moms & Munchkins

Have a stud in your life that you want to appreciate them on Valentine’s Day? Use these free printables and the recipe to let your stud know you love him!

Stud Muffins Recipe & Printables

10) DIY Cootie Cleaner Valentine Printable | Cendu Param

Share the love, not the germs with this fun DIY cootie cleaner using this free printable template.

DIY Cootie Cleaner Valentine Printable


These cute free printable mailbox valentines are SO easy to put together, just print, cut and put stickers or tattoos in the mailbox as "mail"!


12) printable Kindness Valentines | Coffee and Carpool

Help your kids spread kindness with these Kindness Valentine’s cards they can fill out for classmates and for the adults at school.

printable Kindness Valentines

13) Superhero Valentine Cards | California Unpublished

Show your friends how super they really are this Valentine's Day with these free printable Superhero Valentine Cards.

Superhero Valentine Cards

14) 24-Day Valentine’s Kindness Countdown | I Spy Fabulous

Make February the month of showing love and kindness to others, with this fun kindness countdown even young children can do. Plus, they will love coloring in the hearts with each completed act of kindness.

24-Day Valentine’s Kindness Countdown

15) Spanish Valentine's Day Activities | Lorena & Lennox

Four resourceful activities to help teach your children Spanish this Valentine’s Day.

Spanish Valentine's Day Activities

16) Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids – Valentines Day Explosion Box | Party with Unicorns

Take your valentines to the next level with this free printable exploding box template.  An easy to follow craft for kids that they will love!

Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids – Valentines Day Explosion Box

17) Watermelon Printable Valentine’s Day Cards | Simply Stacie

Unique and fun watermelon printable valentine's day card that you can download and print for free!

Watermelon Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

18) Modern and colorful Valentine’s Day cards for kids | Kate Decorates

These modern and colorful Valentine’s Day free printable tags are perfect for kids of any age.

Modern and colorful Valentine’s Day cards for kids


Free printable chocolate wrappers for the sweetest Valentine's day gift!


20) Printable Valentine’s Day Activity Sheets | Lovely Planner

These free printable Valentine’s Day word search and maze activity sheets are a nice way to entertain your little ones and get them excited for Valentine’s Day!

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Activity Sheets

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