20 Free Printable WiFi Password Signs + Editable PDF

by Journals to Freedom June 23, 2021 3 min read

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Did you know that before I was a full-time printable creator, I worked in Information Technology for a decade?  I worked specifically in IT security for the last three years. 

It is so important to have your home Wi-Fi secured with a password and one that’s not easy to guess. If your home router has the capability for a guest network, it’s a good idea to set that up too. The guest network is separate from your main home network. And with theseFree Printable WiFi Password Signs, you can conveniently let your family, friends, or other guests know how they can access secure wifi while they are visiting!

In many households, when someone needs the wifi password you have to ask your kids, your significant other, try to remember where you wrote it down, look on the router, or ask the cat (kidding, hopefully). Or, if you’re like me, everyone is always asking YOU what the 16 random character password is 😅 Let's face it, these days... wifi is life.

So, to help out with that, I created these printable WiFi network & password signs, and they’re totally free! You can print them right at home for fast and easy use. I’ve created 20 total printables for you to download and choose from. I've also included an editable PDF version of each one!

Where/When to use your Your Free Printable WiFi Password Signs:

  • Use them in your guesthouse or guest room for company
  • Use them where you have friends over for a party
  • Perfect for when family is visiting from out of town
  • Airbnb or other bed & breakfast visitors
  • Rental or vacation home
  • Your home office
  • Help your guests feel welcomed

The possibilities are really endless, anywhere you have guest access to your internet connection is a great place for these printables! Keeping in mind, of course, who has access to this - because you don't want just anybody to have access to your home network, even if it is a separate guest network ;) 

Your set of 20 free wifi password printables include:

  • Be Our Guest
  • Stay A While
  • We'd Love It If You Stuck Around
  • Make Yourself at Home
  • Let's Get Connected
  • Welcome Friends
  • Welcome, Sweet Family
  • All You Need is Love and Wifi
  • Wifi is on the House
  • WiFi
  • Never Fear, Wifi is Here
  • Welcome
  • But first, wifi
  • Peace Love Wifi
  • Enjoy Your Stay
  • Mi Casa es Su Casa
  • Welcome to our Home, Where the Coffee is Hot and the WiFi is fast
  • Wifi, sweet wifi
  • Nothing fancy, just love and wifi
  • Welcome to Our Home

Print out your WiFi sign and put it in a pretty picture frame!

This makes your free printable WiFi password signs not only super cute but totally reusable! Here's how to do it:
  • Print out the WiFi password sign onto 8.5x11 white printer paper or onto card stock.
  • Carefully cut off the edges along the light gray box (this will make your sign measure 8x10 inches)
  • Place your wifi printable into the picture frame and close it up!
  • Then use some dry erase markers to write your wifi network name and password.

Editable PDF Version of Free Printable WiFi Password Signs

For each printable, I've included an editable PDF version as well. This way you can easily just type in your home network and password before you print, if you don't want to go the print, frame, and dry erase marker route.

You can hang this on the refrigerator or a doorway. Any location that is convenient to share the WiFi Password with your guests.

This fiilable pdf version of the wifi password signs does not have the light gray box used to cut off the edges.

Download Your 20 Free Printable WiFi Password Signs Here


What makes a password secure?

Because I worked in information security, I can’t pass up the chance to give you a refresher on what makes up a strong password. Passwords need to be complex so that they aren't easy to guess, not so much by people, but by computers. The more complex the password is, the harder it is for software to crack the password. You should also change your passwords a minimum of every 6 months.

Make sure you’re passwords are:

  • at least 12 characters long
  • is not a dictionary word
  • have uppercase and lowercase letters
  • includes numbers and special characters like ! @ # $ % ^ &
  • does not have personal information, like your birthday or pet's name

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Journals to Freedom
Journals to Freedom

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