Year in Review: We Survived 2020

by Journals to Freedom December 28, 2020 3 min read

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Whew. We did it. We survived 2020. For many of us that was not an easy feat. A pandemic, isolation, mental health challenges, kids had an uproot in routines, financial struggles… many of us faced hardships this year. But while there were many obstacles this year i believe there were also many triumphs. 

I’m excited to share with you some of Journals to Freedom Printables best moments and achievements of 2020! I’m also super excited to share another free printable with you - Year in Review Writing Prompts.It contains over 60 Year in Review questions to reflect on the past year's experiences and accomplishments, reassess goals and projects, and turn your thoughts toward a new year.

Year in Review Writing Prompts instant download printable pdf

Top Blog Posts of the Year

#1 on the list is the Printables for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety post! 

This blog post was followed closely by...

#2 for top blog posts of the year is the printable Gardening Binder post!

and last but certainly not least, 

#3 on the list is the Free Birth Story & Trigger Tracker Printables post!

Celebrated over 1700 Orders!

Paulina G. was the 1,745th order in the shop this year! 

Thank you so much, Paulina! She purchased the printablePostpartum Wellness Binder.

This printable is something so near and dear to the hearts of many friends as well as myself. I'm pretty open about my struggles with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety. I created this printable binder because there is a need and I know it can help so many moms who are just like me. 

So whenever someone buys it... I believe that my work MATTERS. ❤️

celebrate 1745th order printable postpartum wellness binder

Best Selling Printable of the Year

The most popular printable this year was theEarly Learners Binder with 215 sales!! 

This printable Early Learners Binder is so awesome because it helps your little one develop and strengthen their early skills and build and invest in the growing relationship with your kid at the same time.

2020 best selling printable early learners binder

Pinterest is the top source of traffic

My Pinterest account has grown to 600+ followers and 203.6k monthly views. Holy cow! 

I remember being so excited when I hit 25k monthly views; I can't wait to grow some more! 🤩

Do you love Pinterest? I'd love to follow you and even share some great pins! Be sure to let me know your Pinterest link in the comments.

If you’re a creator who is not using Tailwind for your Pinterest management, you have GOT to try it out.

And if you create awesome printables like me, I’m officially inviting you to join my growing and active Tailwind Community!

Pinterest profile Journals to Freedom Printables

Honorable Mention from Sarah Titus in her Blog!


Sarah Titus is basically the queen of printables. What an honor that she included my printables shop, Journals to Freedom, in her post30 Days to Creating a Thriving Printables Business

It’s and LONG and INCREDIBLY THOROUGH post about creating your own printables business! I’m mentioned under “Day 22: What are the best printables to give for free?”

Journals to Freedom Printables' 2nd Anniversary

December 17th, 2020 was the official 2nd anniversary of the shop's opening! I am so thankful for all of your support. It means the world to me!

Did you know this year I was able to leave my regular full time job... with the state!? YOU have been a huge part of that. Thank you so much!

Facebook Page Growth

We are SO CLOSE to 600 likes on the Facebook page!! How cool?!

I would LOVE it if you liked my page and joined my new Facebook group, All About Printables.

Free Printable - Year in Review Printable Worksheets

You didn't think I would end the year without a freebie, did you?! This printable Year in Review Workbook is full of writing prompts that are perfect for reflecting on the past 12 months. You can use your answers to reflect on the year and make plans and set goals for the future. 😍 

You can grab your Year in Review Writing Prompts free here. Your discount will be applied at checkout but if necessary use code YIRBLOG2020.

Year in Review Writing Prompts free printable pdf

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Let me know in the comments below orhere on this form, any suggestions you have for printables, topics you’d like to see on the blog, anything! <3 Here's to 2021!

Journals to Freedom
Journals to Freedom

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