Education alarm! Learn how to create your own Coupon Binder and start saving money immediately.

by Journals to Freedom February 22, 2019 4 min read

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PICTURE THIS… Two kids in diapers, budget stretched thin, and wallet screaming; we needed savings STAT!!!

This was my family not so long ago! Couponing has helped me save hundreds of dollars for my family and it has also helped me organize my shopping efforts to be more time and cost efficient. Don’t get me wrong – getting started with couponing can be cumbersome, but that’s why I put together this coupon binder. Once I had a good system in place, the time I spent searching for deals was small and my savings were huge! Below is a screenshot of a few of my own personal receipts.  As you can see, saving money on diapers and wipes is a big deal for me!

my publix coupon savings on diapers and wipes

The best savings come from combining store sales and coupons with manufacturer’s coupons and rebates and other deals wherever possible.

I want to share with you tips and tools for creating your own FREE
Ultimate Coupon Binder so that you can start saving too! 

$ A Dollar Saved is a Dollar Earned $

What You’ll Need


How to Create Your Coupon Binder

  • Print out your binder cover and slide into the front of your 3-ring binder.
  • Fill out the contact information page and place at the start of your binder.
  • Decide how you want to sort your coupons - by Expiration Date, Flyer, Store, Category, or Alphabetical order, or any combination thereof.
  • Print out the dividers you need from the FREE Ultimate Coupon Binder, place your dividers into your 3-ring binder, and then place a few baseball card sleeves or zipper pouches behind each divider. 
  • Print out the shopping lists, rebate trackers, and other printable tools that you will need.
  • Print out your store’s weekly flyers and divider to keep track of store sales & promotions.
  • Make sure you understand the store coupon policies and put a copy in your binder too. This will make checking out with coupons easy for you and your cashier! Sometimes you come across a cashier who needs a friendly reminder of the policy (heck, sometimes it’s me who needs the reminder)! It also helps educate others as you are chit-chatting in line about the ins and outs of couponing!


Tips and Tools for your Ultimate Coupon Binder and Shopping Trips

  • I sort my coupons by Expiration Date, Store, Category, or Alphabetical order (my personal favorite is by expiration date then categories within)
  • I have a contact information page included in my binder in case I lose it I can be contacted if it is found.
  • Keep a Home Inventory Spreadsheet (included with the Ultimate Coupon Binder) so you don’t overbuy items that go unused! 
  • Coordinate Shopping Lists with coupons and store sales so you don’t miss out on savings.
  • Secure a large rubber band around your binder so that if you accidentally drop it, your coupons do not fall out!
  • Smaller coupons fit great in the baseball card slots and larger coupons fit nicely in the 3-ring zipper pouches.
  • Use a weekly meal planner to help coordinate your shopping trips with deals and what you need.
  • ONLY use coupons for/buy what you NEED & will use before expiration! Trust me, even if you have an amazing deal for 8,000 sticks of gum, LET THAT DEAL GO!
  • As I am checking out, if someone gets in line behind my I like to give them a friendly smile and say something like, “Hey, just so you know I have a lot of coupons to use. Don’t worry, they are all organized, and this should not take long.” This gives the person the option to stay and wait or find another line. Thus, reducing the eye-rolls and heavy sighs!
  • Speaking of organized, PLAN before you even go on your shopping trip, make sure the coupons that you will need for that shopping trip are paper clipped neatly together. This makes check-out easy for everyone!
  • As you first start couponing, do little shopping trips for 1 or 2 items so that you can get used to the flow of things. Then move on to bigger coupon hauls!


Where do I get coupons?

You can find many coupons in various places. Here are some common coupon resources:

  • Internet Printables like
  • Direct from the Manufacturer
  • Weekly Grocery Store Ad
  • Free Samples
  • Sunday Newspapers (Smart Source, Red Plum, and Proctor & Gamble)
  • Magazines
  • Tear-pads or Blinkies displayed next to product in store
  • Rebate and Coupon Apps like IBotta and
  • Peelie’s Directly on Products
  • Purchase Coupons Online  

$ Save Your Savings $

Watch your Savings Grow by Immediately Transferring the amount of your Shopping Savings to your:

  • Your Emergency Fund
  • your Roth IRA account
  • your Christmas, Holiday, Birthday or Charity Gifting savings account
  • your Children’s Savings account(s)


How do you organize your coupon binder? Do you have any favorite tips & tricks? Let us know in the comments below!

Journals to Freedom
Journals to Freedom

6 Responses


May 27, 2019

I used to have the ultimate coupon notebook. It was so organized and full of coupons. I love couponing!


May 27, 2019

Very informative! I like your last tip to transfer your savings right away to whatever goal you are working toward. That makes so much sense!


May 27, 2019

Great idea with a binder. I stop using coupons because I always forget about them or lose them.


May 27, 2019

Mom of 6 here… 2 in diapers. This is a great idea! I was using an accordion envelope for a while but may need to switch to the binder method!


May 23, 2019

I did this years ago! It saved us some money, but I personally just did not enjoy the entire process. That’s awesome so many enjoy it though!


May 23, 2019

I’ve always wanted to make a coupon binder! I might just get together with my friend who’s an awesome couponer and make my binder!

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