How to Create a Memorable Mother’s Day While Spending it at Home

by Journals to Freedom May 07, 2020 4 min read

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This Mother’s Day might look a little different than in previous years. With no large gatherings and restaurants and stores having limited openings, we have to get a little more creative with how to make this day special for our moms or moms to be. It’s also going to require a little more thought and planning… No rushing to the nearest spa to grab a gift card the night before this year!

My goal is to help make it a little easier when it comes to giving mom an unforgettable day at home this year. I’m sharing my top ways to spoil mom for Mother’s Day that will make her happy, show you care and make it memorable while spending the day at home. So, if you’re a mom reading this, feel free to share these ideas… and hint at the ones that appeal to you… with your loved ones. You might be surprised at how this Mother’s Day, although different and out of the ordinary, you can create even more memories that lead to new traditions for years to come!

handmade mother's day gift

Let her sleep in

THIS! This is my main request on Mother’s Day each year, and I’m sure your mom is in the same boat. To know that the kids are being taken care of, coffee is ready, and everyone is up but I didn’t have to do anything is MAGIC! So start Mother’s Day off without waking up to an alarm and enjoy the sweet serenity of sleeping in this year! 

Make her breakfast AND clean up the kitchen afterward

I’m not talking bowls of cereal here… Eggs, waffles, bacon, maybe a mimosa or two… Pure heaven. Spice it up a bit with a breakfast quiche, cinnamon roll waffles, or eggs benedict! For some awesome Mother’s Day breakfast and brunch ideas, click here. Set the table with fresh flowers and handmade Mother’s Day cards she can read while sipping her frothy coffee... And the key to this being a hit for mom is to not forget about the second part - the cleanup! 

Give her peace and quiet

Keep the kids busy, be well behaved, don’t distract her… Avoid using the word “mom” for a while! Let her have a quiet environment to herself to read, nap, sip wine, take a bath, or even just go to the bathroom without someone interrupting. This is probably the best FREE Mother’s Day gift ever! You just have to make sure mom actually gets some time to herself and she doesn’t try to fold laundry or organize the closet… Unless she wants to, I guess! 

Printable Mother’s Day Binder

This printable Mother's Day Binder gives her a chance to get sentimental and allows her time with her kiddos. It’s a gift, activity, and journal in one! She will love the sweet writing prompts, music playlist, and other activities now as well as for years to come. Get the printable Mother’s Day Binder here!

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Printable Mother's Day Binder

Schedule some fun and snuggle time together

Let’s face it, we say we would love some downtime, uninterrupted, but the reality is we are in love with being a mom and those who have enabled us to be. 

Have you seen Trolls World Tour yet? This would be the perfect time! Make a special movie theater-style treat like soft pretzels or flavored popcorn to share, build a living room fort full of white twinkle lights, and get close and cozy together snuggling under the blanket.

Have a pool or sprinkler? Spend some time together enjoying an afternoon dip and BBQ! Play a game of Marco Polo, eat homemade frozen fruit pops, and don’t let her feel guilty about eating a burger from the grill. 

What about family game night? Pull out those board games from the closet or make up your own! Fill the evening with laughter and carefree fun. Some of my favorites are charades and Pictionary! Need ideas? Here are some that will surely make your evening!

Whether it’s spending time under a blanket together watching a movie or wrapped in a towel after an afternoon in the pool, we LOVE our snuggles so be sure to give lots of them! 

Give her something handmade

Set a time to create something from you or the kids that she can cherish forever. Most crafty materials are already around your house, but if not, stores are open for pick up orders! 

Create heartfelt cards with love notes inside, make a handprint piece of art for her to hang on the wall, or paint a flower pot and fill it with her favorite potted plant. My go-to for ideas of all skill levels and ages for crafty gifts is Pinterest! Here are several to sift through.


So have you thought about how you’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Be sure to share your special day of activities on Instagram, and if you did an idea from my list I’d love to know! Tag me @journalstofreedom so we can celebrate this Mother’s Day together! 

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