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How to Create and Enjoy Lasting Memories with your Mother’s Day Binder

by Journals to Freedom May 02, 2019 3 min read

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It can be really hard to decide what to give your mom, mother-in-law, or other special moms in your life for Mother's Day! There really are so many wonderful gifts out there. But there is one gift that is both timeless and priceless.

This year, give your mom the gift of heartfelt time spenttogether.

And you know what? Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be only about your biological or immediate family. Maybe it’s bittersweet for you because your mother has passed away, or you didn’t have a relationship with her. Or maybe you really want to be a mother but it just hasn’t happenedyet. No matter what your situation or what your feelings are around this holiday, once thing is for sure... it is the perfect day to spend your time cherishing, loving, and paying attention to thechildren around you who just might need it more than you know.

This Mother’s Day, I want to help you make memories, celebrate relationships, laugh with family, and cherish your loved ones.  And I have the PERFECT thing for you to have a great holiday and have fun at the same time!

Mother's Day Binder {37 Pages} from Journals to Freedom Printables 

ThisMother's Day Binder is filled with fun activities to dowiththe special Mom in your life. I know I can’t wait to fill out the "Things My Children Should Know About Me" & "All About Mommy" writing prompts with my daughter! Although I will still have to write in the answers that she gives me, ha!  

All of the crafts and writing prompts included arecolorable perfect for making fun, creative, and laughter-filled memories. So let’s talk about how to make these crafts!

I recommend that these crafts are printed oncardstock paper.

  • Bookmarks – Simply color and cut out! You may decide to laminate them. This is an inexpensive and useful laminator from Amazon –Scotch Laminator
  • Notecards – Color together and cut out. Give heartwarming cards to all the wonderful moms you know!
  • Foldable Paper Treat Box – Color and cut out. Simply follow the lines to fold. You could put candy, a secret note, jewelry, or other small trinket inside for a special surprise! Tape sides with clear tape. :) 
  • Gift Tags – Color and cut out. Add to wrapped gifts!
  • Foldable Card – Color and follow instructions on page to cut out. Give thoughtful, handmade cards to loved ones!

Mother's Day Binder {37 Pages} from Journals to Freedom Printables

Here are the blank post cards I use. Print front and back, and mail to your loved ones!

Mother's Day Binder {37 Pages} from Journals to Freedom Printables

You can print the whole binder or just a few sheets at a time as you need them! Just use a binder you already have at home to store and organize your printable pages and you’re good to go!

If you do need a binder, here are the appropriate ones on Amazon:

You can have instant access to this special Mother's Day Binder!

  • All About My Mommy Prompts- color together!
  • Things My Children Should Know About Me Prompts- color together!
  • This Is My Family Drawing and Story Prompt- color together!
  • Mother's Day Word Search- color together!
  • Gorgeous Binder Cover Page
  • Beautiful Mom Themed Wall Art- makes great binder dividers or frame and use as decor or give as a gift!
  • Hand Lettering Practice Sheet
  • I Love You Because...- color together!
  • Mother's Day Maze- color together!
  • Mother Acrostic Poem- color together!
  • Play Money Coupons for Mom to Redeem  - think breakfast in bed or an hour of quiet!
  • Unique and Handmade Crafts: Bookmarks, Compassion Cards, Gift-box, Gift Tags, Mother's Day Card- color together!
  • Postcards -print out the front and back, write your special note, and mail it!
  • 13 Gorgeous and Unique Handcrafted Coloring Pages - color together!

How will you spend your time this Mother's Day? Let me know in the comments below! 

Journals to Freedom
Journals to Freedom

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