How to Resize Your Printables

by Journals to Freedom October 01, 2019 2 min read

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I have received a lot of questions lately about how to resize your printables - so check out this step by step tutorial! I’ll walk you through how to resize my 8.5 x 11 inch printables using Adobe PDF.  It’s super simple!

Follow these easy step by step instructions!

Step 1)

After you’ve opened the PDF you want to resize, click File, then Print.

Step 2)

Make sure Adobe PDF is your selected printer, then click Properties.

Step 3)

On the Adobe PDF Settings Tab (third one), select the drop down menu for Adobe PDF Page Size. Select the page size you want to resize your printable to. 

If the size you want is not available in the drop down menu, you can easily add your page size by clicking the Add button to the right of the drop down menu. Enter a name for your new page size and enter the width and height. Be sure to select inches, millimeters, or points (pixels). Inches is what I've picked.


Step 4)

IMPORTANTMake sure to select “Ask to replace existing PDF file” before you hit Print! If you do not select this option, your new resized PDF willsave over your original PDF. Click ok.

Step 5)

Now that you have picked your new page size, there is one more quick step before printing your new PDF! In the Page Sizing & Handling section, ensure that Fit is selected. Otherwise, parts of your printable may be cut off. Now you are ready to click print!

Step 6)

The last thing to do is to name your new resized printable! I typically just add the size to the end of the file name.  For example the Small Business Planner would now be named Small-Business-Planner_JournalstoFreedom6x9



That’s it! I hope you found this helpful! I look forward to hearing about your journaling adventures! 

Are there any other tutorials you would love to see? Let me know in the comments! 

Journals to Freedom
Journals to Freedom

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