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by Journals to Freedom February 09, 2021 5 min read

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Do you struggle to focus on what's truly important in your life? Are you tired of starting projects or setting goals but not finishing them? Have you been looking for a great productivity planner that you can print from home to save you time and money?

Your family, your desires, and your goals are far too precious to waste our time running around in circles. You can be productive, goal-oriented, task-driven, and focused all while making time for what is most important and cherished in your life.

With this printable Be Intentional Binder, you’ll find pages to help you prioritize and plan your life, manage your time, and have important dates and information at your fingertips. ALL IN ONE PLACE.

Let me help you follow through with your intentions and get a handle on your productivity planning.

The Printable Be Intentional Binder

With this printableBe Intentional Binder, you can turn your intentions into accountability. You'll learn to focus on what is important, use your time wisely, and be intentional and precise with your decisions and actions.

Thisprintable Be Intentional Binder is your new best friend. It's your complete solution to completing tasks, goal setting, project tracking, and vision casting.

And guess what? That fresh new you starts TODAY! It starts the second you purchase yourBe Intentional Binder!

With this Be Intentional Binder you'll have:

  • LESS anxiety about starting a task
  • LESS stress
  • FEWER interruptions
  • FEWER bad habits
  • MORE awareness of your decisions
  • MORE motivation
  • MORE determination to achieve your goals
  • MORE organization
  • MORE focus and concentration
  • a CLEAR vision for your future

Here is exactly what you will have instant access to when you purchase your 48-pageprintable Be Intentional Binder:

If you already have a 3 ring binder around the house, the printableBe Intentional Binder includes different sizes of spines to fit whatever size you have on hand…no need to go out and buy another binder! Just use one you already have and you’re ready to go.

If you do need a binder, you can grab them from Amazon here:

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Some of my Favorite Printable Pages To Get Your Productivity On

It is always so hard to pick only a handful of favorites because they are all so gorgeous and super helpful! But if I had to choose these are some of my favorite printable productivity helpers...

Productivity Wheel Printable

Gah! I love this one. What you do is jot down your daily activities, goals and priorities on each of the spaces in the key. Then give every activity a unique color by filling in the circle that corresponds with it. Color in each hour of the day based on which activity (or activities) you have completed.

Now that you have a nice visual representation... are you utilizing your time effectively? Are you reaching goals and focusing your time on your most important priorities?

Daily Intentions Printable

Okay, I love this one too! This Daily Intentions printable is a fun spin on your to-do list.

But instead of just listing out your to-do's, you also set intentions of what you want to feel, be, attract, etc.! Yes, please!

  • To Be
  • To-Do
  • To Let Go
  • To Enjoy
  • To Appreciate
  • To Attract
  • To Feel

Time Blocking & Task Timers Printables

Have you ever tried time blocking? Time blocking is a simple, yet effective way to take back control of your day.

These time blocking templates are perfect for dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities, allowing you to be extremely focused on the task at hand for your chosen time block. 

I created this printable using 10 minute time blocks.

Daily Productivity Printable

This printable is a little more detailed than your average daily schedule. But it's perfect for really identifying what's important to you and making sure the priorities are taken care of first.

  • Primary Tasks & Goals
  • 6 AM - 10 PM Hourly Schedule
  • 15 Minutes a Day Time Blocking
  • Meal Plan (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks)
  • Self Care
  • Motivation
  • Accomplishment of the Day

Monthly Intentions Printable

For each new month, cast your intentions, write out your goals, identify priority projects. Write it down and get it done!

  • What is your mantra or focus for the month?
  • What is a new skill you want to learn?
  • What are two habits you want to start?
  • What are three goals you want to achieve?

Printable Let Go Of Worksheet

This printable worksheet is a fun little activity to help you let go of things that may be standing in your way. 

In each little bubble, write down what you need to let go of. For example, maybe you need to surrender control over someone else's actions in order to meet your deadline.

You can even take this a step further... cut out each little bubble that you have written something on. Place it into a small box or tin... and don't look at it again! You are letting it GO! 

Daily Schedule, Weekly Schedule, Month Overview Printables

It can be so easy to feel lost in a sea of tasks when you're constantly rushing around from one responsibility to the next. You're always running behind, trying to remember the next appointment or other commitment off the top of your head, overwhelmed by all the errands. 

No wonder you feel stressed like you'll never catch up and maybe even hopeless.

But there is a better way! Put it all on paper. I've said it once and I'll say it again - there ismagic in putting pen to paper.

Each day, write down and review your plans, tasks, and goals. I just know you'll see:

  • increased productivity & confidence
  • a clear action plan
  • a sense of peace & serenity

    Goal Tracking Printables

    These goal tracker templates are designed to help you achieve anything. You can manage your goals efficiently, track tasks and milestones, and reach your goal.

    • Write down your goal action plan, your motivation, challenges, and milestones.
    • Track each action step and mark it complete.
    • Plan your goals for the month.
    • Track your goal progress and completion.

    Get Instant Access to the Be Intentional Binder!!!

    Get Instant Access to the Be Intentional Binder!!!

    Get Instant Access to the Be Intentional Binder!!!

    I can't wait to hear how theBe Intentional Binder has helped you change your day and your life!

    Do you or someone you know need a guide to being more productive? Save this post to Pinterest to share it with them or save it for later!

    Journals to Freedom
    Journals to Freedom

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