Spring Cleaning Planner {34 pages}

Do you look around your house and just not have any idea where to even begin when it comes to spring cleaning? Me too, mama, me too. 

Sometimes we need a little extra oomph and organization when it comes to spring cleaning! It can be done, and shoot, we can even have a little fun while doing it. If you need a break from all the clean, scrubbing, and organizing go ahead and bust out one of the "Around the House" coloring pages and take a few minutes for yourself.

But dust bunnies LOOK OUT because this spring we're coming for you and we're prepared!

What you'll get:

  • cleaning schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal) + blank version
  • to do list
  • supplies needed list
  • things to donate list
  • cleaning checklist for each home area/room
  • cleaning checklist for outdoor areas (garage, garden, etc.)
  • lined note & dot grid pages
  • divider pages
  • chore list for kids
  • monthly task list + blank calendar
  • 10 BONUS hand-crafted "Around the House" coloring pages