Ultimate Essential Oil Recipe Binder {68 pages}

Love essential oils but hate having no place to keep and organize all the recipes you have discovered? This beauty is hand-crafted & perfect for organizing your favorite aromatherapy recipes. Packed with over 95 different recipes for diffusers, roller bottles, and more!

Get started today with this amazing binder, perfect for all your essential oil DIY needs!

What's included with your essential oil & aromatherapy recipe binder:

  • Dilution Chart
  • Sun Safety
  • Get to Know Your Carrier Oils
  • Common Uses
  • Essential Oil Ratings
  • My Notes
  • Essential Oil Tracker (Color by Pixels)
  • Essential Oil Tracker for family members
  • Diffuser Combos Blank Recipe Page
  • Roller Bottles Blank Recipe Page
  • Master Synergy Blank Recipe Page
  • Creams & Salves Blank Recipe Page
  • Pump or Squeeze Bottle Blank Recipe Page
  • Essential Oil Inventory
  • Recipe Index
  • 95+ recipes for
    • Diffuser combos
    • Roller Bottles
    • Prayer Blends
    • Mama's Helpers Recipes
    • Outdoor Recipes
    • Beauty
    • DIY
    • many recipes have a Kid Friendly version!
  • Dot Grid Page
  • and much MORE!