Decluttering Binder {46 pages}

Digital Download

Do you struggle to get into, and stay in, the habit of cleaning your home? Does the thought of cleaning overwhelm you and you're just not sure where to start? Solidarity, sister, and I have just the thing to help you get there.

I used to say that cleaning took me allll day long, but really when I think about it, it wasn't the cleaning that took all day. It was getting rid of the clutter that took forever, not the actual cleaning!

This printable Decluttering Binder will show you how tidying up just a little bit every day adds up to big results!  Spring cleaning or getting ready for company doesn't have to be a huge project if you stay tidy and clutter-free all year long. 

What you'll receive with your printable Decluttering Binder:

  • Declutter Calendar (blank month overview)
  • 15 Different Tips & Tricks for keeping your home decluttered
  • Declutter by Room Checklist (filled in and blank)
  • Today's Goals by Room Action Steps Checklist
  • Sorting List (keep, donate, sell, trash, recycle)
  • Declutter Habit Tracker
  • Declutter by Zone Checklist
  • Declutter Every Day/Week/Month Checklist (filled in and blank)
  • Go Bag Packing List
  • 5 Minute Tasks (filled in and blank)
  • Once a Month Checklist (filled in and blank)
  • Weekly Task Checklist (for kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Age Appropriate Decluttering Tasks (Montessori tasks for young children)
  • To-Do List
  • Plenty of space for notes throughout.
  • Lined Notes Page
  • Dotted Grid Page