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Welcome to Journals to Freedom! My printables shop. I’m so excited you are here!

About Me Jen at Journals to Freedom PrintablesMy name is Jen and I started my small business because I was tired of having post-its and listseverywhere.My brain runs a million miles a minute (can anyone relate!?) and my lists keep me accountable. There's just something magical about putting pen to paper. But I couldn’t find a journal that fit my exact needs, which seemed to be ever changing. 

That's why, in the summer of 2018, I started creating and designing my own custom and unique lists, using the skills I learned through out my 10+ year career in I.T.

These different types of list morphed into different types of journals, that I could print at home for myself. And Journals to Freedom was born!

Along the way, I discovered a creative side of me that I had no idea existed! I feel empowered by my creations in a different, but just as meaningful, way than being a mother and wife does. And if my creations can help just one person feel more put-together or bring joy just one home, I’ll consider myself successful.

I want to be a helping hand to other mamas just like me because empowered women, empower women.

My mission is to touch lives by bringing joy, creativity, and organization straight to their home.

Affordability is just as important as quality to me. By choosing to shop with me at Journals to Freedom Printables, the “middle-man” is cut out, creating a cost-effective way to bring my affordable and unique printables directly to you.


With love,


About Me Jen at Journals to Freedom Printables


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