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Affiliate Link Disclosure

Journals to Freedom believes in transparency and honesty on the internet, therefore, I am publishing this affiliate disclaimer statement as it relates to the products or services I mention or recommend on this website and in my blog.
Please be assured that whenever I recommend any product, service, or program on Journals to Freedom, I do so because I fully support and believe that the product, service or program is worthy of my recommendation. I will never recommend something to you that I don’t personally use, have experience with, or have investigated to ensure it will deliver value to you.

Some links throughout my website and blog may contain affiliate advertising. This means that if you purchase products using certain links, I will receive compensation on that purchase. There isnever an additional cost to you for that purchase. These small commission payments are part of the means and ways that I support my store and blog, allowing me to continue producing awesome content for you.

One example of an affiliate programs that Journals to Freedom participates in is Amazon Services, LLC.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me at