Flipbook Video of Your Printable or PDF Product

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Do you want to add a flipbook video of your printable or other PDF product to your eCommerce store or blog?

It would be my honor to create the video for you! ✨

A PDF flipbook is a creative way to stand out from the crowd and show your customers exactly what they are receiving once they buy your PDF product. Perfect for printables!

Another super helpful way to use your PDF flipbook is to add the video to your YouTube channel; drive traffic to your online store by getting more views of your printable planners or binders, workbooks, ebooks, or magazines right from YouTube.

This is exactly what your very own PDF flipbook video will look like; here I am showing you my Spring Cleaning Binder.


Directly after you purchase this service, you will receive a downloadable PDF that contains instructions on how and where to send me the PDF that you want to be created into a flipbook. Please send me the exact PDF that you want to be created into a flipbook video within 7 days after your purchase. You can expect your PDF flipbook to be returned to you within 3 business days. 

  • Your PDF flipbook video will be delivered as a Google Drive link. You don't need a Google Drive account to download the video. Please be sure to download your flipbook video as soon as you can because the link to download the video will expire in 14 days.
  • The flipbook video will pause on each two-page spread for about 3 seconds. So the length of the video will vary accordingly.
  • After you've received your PDF flipbook file (.mp4) you can upload it to your YouTube channel and even embed the video directly to your Shopify or another e-commerce store, both in product descriptions & product listing media, & embed it into blog posts, etc.

Please remember, this is a video recording, not an interactive flipbook, there is no sound in the video, and your background will be a solid light grey exactly as in the product photos and videos you see here.

I'm ready to help you stand out in the crowd! Let's get started.