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Ultimate Essential Oil Recipe Binder {68 pages}

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Raise your hand if you love essential oils! Okay, great - me too! And I needed a place to keep and organize all of the recipes I had discovered or created.

This gorgeous printable essential oil & aromatherapy recipe binder is perfect for keeping track of all of your favorite recipes AND it comes with OVER 95 different recipes for diffuser combos, roller bottles and other great DIYs!

Features include:

  • Dilution Chart
  • Sun Safety
  • Get to Know Your Carrier Oils
  • Common Uses
  • Essential Oil Ratings
  • My Notes
  • Essential Oil Tracker (Color by Pixels)
  • Essential Oil Tracker for family members
  • Diffuser Combos Blank Recipe Page
  • Roller Bottles Blank Recipe Page
  • Master Synergy Blank Recipe Page
  • Creams & Salves Blank Recipe Page
  • Pump or Squeeze Bottle Blank Recipe Page
  • Essential Oil Inventory
  • Recipe Index
  • 95+ recipes for Diffuser combos, Roller Bottles, Prayer Blends, Mama's Helpers Recipes, Outdoor Recipes, Beauty, & DIY - many have a Kid Friendly version!
  • Dot Grid Page
  • and MORE!


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Customer Reviews

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Wow! This is Awesome!

I never knew my essential oils could do so many things! I am trying some of the recipes and having a blast doing it!!! The safety info is really helpful. All the different types of recipe pages are cool too.